What You Get

Hand Wash – The exterior of your car is pressure washed to losen any dirt and debris in the paint. Foam soap is then applied to the vehicle to help remove any other unwanted debris. We then dry to car to make sure no water spots are left behind. We then decrease and shine the tires and wheels for that showroom look finish.

Wax/ Paint Sealant – After the wash we apply a coat of paint sealant, which is better than wax, to help make your car look better but more importantly help protect your car from UV rays and debris on the road.

Tires – The tire and wheel are degreased and dressed to shine and protect.

Windows – The interior and exterior windows are washed and destreaked.

or call 385-444-0455

or call 385-444-0455


2 Door Cars and Trucks
4 Door Cars, Mid-Size SUVs and Small Trucks
Full-Size SUVs, Trucks, and Mini Vans
Any Vehicle with More Than 3 Rows of Seats