What You Get

Vacuum – The entire interior of your vehicle will be vacuumed. Yes this includes under the seats and all of the nook and cranies.

Wipe Down – We go through your car to make sure all surfaces are wiped down with a microfiber rag. We also use compressed air to get all dust and debri out from the small cracks.

Steam Clean – We go through the car with our steamer and get all the sticky messes left behind. The steamer is great for getting the headliners of your car for those accidental soda can explosions and gel scrapes on the top of the car.

Scrub & Condition – We go through the car with our detailing cleaner and scrub all appropriate surfaces like your vinyl, plastic and leather. With scrubbing these surfaces we are able to get into all of the cracks and creases. After being cleaned we then go through the car with special conditioners for specific surfaces to make sure your car is protected from the sun and other elements of life.

Shampoo – We treat all carpet in your car including clothe seats. Then we go through to extract the shampoo to get rid of all your unwanted staines or dirt.

Door Jambs – The door jambs are the first thing you see when you open the door and sometimes they look really dirty. We will go through with our detailing cleaner and make sure the jambs are spotless.

Windows – The interior windows are washed and destreaked.

or call 385-444-0455

or call 385-444-0455


2 Door Cars and Trucks
4 Door Cars, Mid-Size SUVs and Small Trucks
Full-Size SUVs, Trucks, and Mini Vans
Any Vehicle with More Than 3 Rows of Seats